Personal Learning Theory Of The Andragogy Repairing Military Service

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Personal Learning Theory

There are different learning theories that people use as they acquire knowledge and new learning. Moreover, a person can have more than one learning, but this depends on his leaning abilities; the learning program used in the institution he is enrolled to; and the content of the knowledge he is about to learn. Therefore, it is vital and teachers, students, and learning institutions administrators are able to understand that people do not learn in the same way. Further, the educators should be aware of the various teaching strategies he will use because a certain strategy may be effective to one student, but it does not apply to the others. For the purposes of this paper, my personal learning theory is the andragogy
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I have come to understand that in training my team, there is a need to incorporate the andragogy learning theory. With the use of this theory, my team is able to know what they need to learn in the process for them to offer quality services, much more in maintaining and repairing military vehicles. Aside from that, my team should know why they have to offer these services so that they can perform excellently, knowing that their learning is of immediate value to them. Considerably, maintaining and repairing military vehicles is vital in strengthening the national defence. In addition, maintaining and repairing military vehicles reduce the probability of equipment failure. This plays a significant role with how the military operates, much more with how they maintain peace and order in the community. With the use of andragogy, I am confident that my team is able to provide the necessary military services, starting from providing engineering and technical support down to managing upgrade systems. Aside from that, the regularly scheduled maintenance and repair for each military vehicle would also play an important role in extending the life of these vehicles and equipments. This does not only presupposes the strengthening of the national defence and the maintenance of peace and order, but this is also one way of helping the government to lessen its military …show more content…
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