Adult Learning Theory

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Applicable Theory to EHR Education of Nurses Adult Learning Theory. Leigh, K., Whitted, K., & Hamolton, B (2015) introduced the Andragogy concept based on Adult learning Theory by Malcolm Knowles on five assumptions: (a) self-concept, (b) adult learner experience, (c) readiness to learn, (d) orientation to learning, (e) and motivation to learn. This Andragogy applied to the principles of teaching and learning process on a computer -assisted environment. Nurses may have different views and perceived some challenges to EHR use which may affect their learning process (Leigh, K., Whitted, K., & Hamolton, B 2015). However, to overcome such issues, nurses as core users need to be involved in planning and evaluation on the adoption of EHR system …show more content…
2015). The competency level of informatics skills that nurses possess in clinical practice will guide educators on the development of EHR system competencies and knowledge and skills from a beginner to the level of expertise of practicing nurses. Kaminski, J. (2010) elaborated that in spite of nurses acquiring knowledge, skills, perception, wisdom, and experiences in their given field of practice not all novice become expert. The novice to expert theory explained how nursing professionals acquire nursing informatics competency to document patient care using EHR. A novice nurse described as one who are not exposed to computer or may have minimal experience on how to use specific system on documentation of patient care (Means, T. 2015 p- 49-50). The informatics knowledge of accessing data and information through use of EHR can only be related to practice (Goncalves et. al). Thus, explicit instructions using computer interface and manipulation of the software are still needed for learning. Novice nurse needs to be monitored either by self-observation or instructional feedback for improvement (Kaminski, J. 2010). The advance beginner has experienced enough to use in real situation but still dependent on some rules when using EHR system. As advance beginner progress, they gain and learn experiences on EHR system and become more competent (Lyon, L. 2015). The competent nurse at this stage can grasp relevant rules, navigate the system and able to use with ease. Knows how to solve technical problems and interpret some conflicting data information (Lyon, L. 2015). Proficient nurse progress to effectively analyze, solve and holistically perceive step by step the entire situation of EHR system to support patient care. Also, recognize and interpret data information from other department, able to teach and guide

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