Ichabod Cranes: A Short Story

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“Snap...Crack.” A twig broke apart. I whipped around. The trees seemed like they were reaching out to grab me and then take me away. Who could possibly have been here? No one had stepped in those woods since that dreadful night. Even the wildlife had stayed away. The woods were dead. No plants grew. Many people thought that this was the work of the Headless Horsemen. The only object that attached the woods to the town was the bridge, and no one dared to cross it since Ichabod Crane vanished. The bridge, as I was told, was haunted.
“Hello,” I called out, “ Who’s there? Come out, I dare you. COME OUT!” A twig fell. I started to turn around. A tree shook violently, and then, silence. I stepped off my horse and looked around. Something wasn’t
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“Who are you? Why are you here?” “I happen to be the ghost of Ichabod Crane. Have you already forgotten me?”
“N-no. Wait. What?” “Good. GOOD. I have some problems I need to sort out with you.” Suddenly the ghost floated out from behind the tree. That outfit, that pale face - why was Ichabod here? Did I do something to upset him?
“Ichabod?” I inquired, even though I knew that it was him.
“ Don’t you remember what you did to me. You tied me up, AND LEFT ME ON THE BRIDGE TO DIE…!” Ichabod bellowed, and started toward me. I was terrified, so I ran. I was terrified. The ghost chased me faster and faster until I was at the edge of a river. I wasn’t going to drench precious clothes.
“STOP, ICHABOD!” I bellowed as he was about to lunge toward me. Suddenly, it was
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“It was only supposed to be a prank. You were supposed to come back. Why didn’t you come back?” I demanded.
“ You tied me up against a tree, and it was raining. The Headless Horseman found me, but by that time, I was already dead. I have been planning my revenge on you for a very long time. I have been watching you for a long time Bones,” he hissed.
“ I- I only did it because you were dancing with Katrina. The Headless Horseman is… REAL? ” I whimpered.
“You only loathe me because I was dancing with Katrina? She was my student. I couldn’t deny her many charms, but I was merely a teacher...” As he continued, I reflected that night. I was filled with pure hatred toward Ichabod- just because he was dancing with my future wife. I knew that if I didn’t redeem myself, there was no way I would reach the next town before I lost my limbs. Slowly, I trudged up to him.
“ Ichabod, I am extremely ashamed of my behavior. I was a jealous fool to hurt you like that. I was driven to marry Katrina by my selfishness,” I confessed.
“ You are? I am SO flattered,” he said mockingly. “HA HA HA HA! You think an apology will work. I am already dead. There is no way you will be forgiven by me. But, if you are serious about redemption, I have a challenge for you,” he

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