Sleepy Hollow Myths

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The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow The Legend of Sleepy Hollow has Imagination, Individuality, and Interest in things outside the realm of the “normal” like ghosts/spirits. The legend of Sleepy Hollow is about a headless horseman that comes out at midnight to find his head and to seek revenge. They say that the reason he doesn’t have a head anymore is because he was in the war and they cut his head off. The legend of sleepy hollow story came up when they wanted to scare people into thinking they would see the headless horseman and they would disappear forever. Imagination is images of external objects not present to the senses. There is imagination in this story because when they are telling the story of the headless horseman Ichabod Crane imagines what he must look like and is scared that he will come and get him. The whole town that they live in imagines that the headless horseman is real and that’s why they are so afraid to go outside at night. They think that they will be captured by the headless horseman and that they will be gone forever like the last person. Little did Ichabod know he wasn’t the only one out there in the woods that night then the next morning he was gone …show more content…
Ichabod has his own personality. He is different from everyone else he is skinny, tall, and smart. He is different from Brom because Brom is bigger, tall, muscular, and not that smart. People have there own personalities they are different from everyone. Ichabod is a teacher who follows the rules and believes anything he hears. Brom is rude and makes up stuff so that Ichabod will believe it and hopefully scare him out of town when it doesn’t scare him Brom decides to dress up as the headless horseman and goes after Ichabod so he will finally get scared and leave. Ichabod finally gets scared and leaves the town because he believes the headless horseman was out to get him and hurt him so he leaves town without a

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