Reflective Essay: Have You Ever Walked On Slippery Ice

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Ice. Have you ever walked on slippery Ice by yourself to the bus stop for in a distance of 0.5 miles? Well let me tell you I have. Read on if you want to find out of my thrilling experience on ice. One time an exceptionally bone-chilling January 26, 2013, in 10 minutes I needed to go to the bus stop. I was 8 years old. It was 8:10 and the bus leaves at 8:30 and I required 10 minutes to go to the bus stop, for the most part, takes me 2 minutes in a rush, however it was frosty so it took me 10 minutes in the event that I needed to go warily. My mother has a quality to be exceptionally cautious and frightened about me so she said "don't run or else you will slip" she said.It was Icey in light of the fact that it was snowing a considerable measure …show more content…
I was taking a seat on the ice was endeavoring to fall. While my backpack was counteracting me to hunch down significantly further, and strolling in the meantime simultaneously with squating on the floor . Affirm now, this is where I begin to wind up noticeably like my brother. My neighbor's car restricted me from seeing who is at the bus stop. Once I passed that car I saw the majority of my companion's sled, I additionally wanted to be there as well. I wanted to run, but I didn’t decide fully yet.

Back to my brother he just ran (not that quick), while he slipped but rather not to such an extent. Do you know why? His shoes were implied for ice, So he didn't slip as rapidly as I did. His shoes were exceptionally tacky, so he could exelerate his speed and not slip that easily.Because of the majority of that my brother achieved the bus stop before me.That happened in light of the fact that he is the fortunate one and I am the special case who needs to suffer. Most of the
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The essential motivation behind why I was sobbing is that of how over the top I was. On the off chance that I simply would've strolled I could must the transport stop without getting hurt. I understood sledding was not essential all things considered, but rather later on, I guaranteed myself that I ought to be more cautious of the things around me and not take after wrong things. I felt very strange and I saw…. A walkway with no ice. The most silly part I did was I could've gone on a walkway ideal by me and went to the transport stop in 4 minutes without getting hurt, so then I strolled on that way home, in 1 to 2 minutes. While my brother was in the bus prepared to go. When I went home my mother didn't generally mind since she was heading off to work and my school is en route to her office. On account of my mother, I reached school without being

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