I 'm So Nervous, My Best Friend Essay

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Casey had been my best friend since I was old enough to know what a friend was. Casey was a year older than me and she was a senior at our high school. It was her graduation day and she was supposed to give a speech as the Valedictorian. No one ever dreamed she would never arrive to the ceremony that day. I had been with Casey that morning. She asked me to come over to her house to curl her hair and help with her makeup. I left Casey’s house about an hour before graduation. Casey said she would be right behind me. Casey sent me a text on her way to graduation that read, “I’m so nervous, what if I throw up on stage? Lol.” Little did I know, that text message would cost Casey her life, and change mine forever. Casey died almost four months ago. I remember every detail about that day; the phone call, arriving at the hospital, and watching my best friend take her last breath, all because of a text message. “Jazlyn, have you heard from Casey? ” her mom asked. “She messaged me about five minutes ago; she’s on her way,” I replied. “It’s just not like her to be late,” Her mother stated. “Casey Robinson?” Our principal, Mr. Williams, called out. “We’ll give her five more minutes,” Mr. Williams announced. How could you start graduation without the Valedictorian? That is when Casey’s mom received a phone call that no parent should ever have to receive; it was the police notifying her that Casey had been in a bad accident and she needed to get to the hospital…

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