Emotions In Langston Hughes's Salvation

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We All Have Them
Human beings belong to the species of Homo sapiens and are of the genus homo. Because of their mental capacity and development, speaking capability, they have been distinguished from other animals. Human beings are also the only creatures that can think on 4 levels which are emotions, beliefs, facts and ideas. We have them. We use them every day. Emotions are used on a daily basis. We can go from being happy to being angry in seconds. I believe emotions are what makes us humans.
In Langston Hughes, “Salvation,” he experienced several emotions when he attended a church revival. He had preconceived notion as to what happens when a person gets saved and he believed it to be true. He had heard it from his aunt whom he trusted and
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As the preacher called for the children to come to Jesus. Langston was waiting serenely to feel Jesus in his soul so he could go up to the altar and be saved. Jesus did not come the way he expected so he continued to sit there and watch the others until he and another boy were the only two left. It was so hot and so late the other boy told him they should get up and be saved. Langston did not move but the other boy did, and now he felt alone.
The night was getting longer and it was very hot. Langston started to feel ashamed for holding everybody up, while they prayed for him and practically begged him to come to Jesus. In that moment, he realized the other boy was not struck dead for lying so he got up too. He had not seen Jesus nor did he feel Him in his soul, but the night could finally be over. He cried in bed after he got home because he had lied and deceived the church. He now had feelings of disbelief in Jesus as well because He did not come to help
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The sunset was a beautiful orangey-blue color. As I walked through the hallways of Lenape High School, one last time, I was anxious for what was to come. As I entered the cafeteria to wait for the ceremonies to begin, all I saw was a sea of red and grey. The girls had on red caps and gowns; the guys had on grey. Everyone was chit chatting until it was show time. We all lined up just like we practiced. As we started walking through the corridors, I remembered all the good times and the bad I had there. We got to the last door, before getting onto the track field, and you could hear the faint sound of the graduation theme song. As soon as the doors opened there was a huge a huge uproar from the crowd. Family and friends were all gathered there to support my classmates and I. we lined up in rows of fours and we walked seventy-five percent of the track towards our seats. The applause and cheers did not stop until the last student sat down. We sang the national anthem and the cheering started up again. After that it was time for the principals and district people to start talking. After them it was the valedictorian and salutatorian to give their speeches. Finally, it was time for us to get our diplomas. The valedictorian and others called out our names to get our diplomas. As each classmate was called each family member or friend cheered. When my name was called I could hear my family members call my name loud and clear. I was embarrassed but

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