I Would Eventually Let Myself Trust The Process Essay

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1) When Anne Lamott says "I would eventually let myself trust the process--sort of, more or less." the "more or less" part is included in her words because as she mentions in her first few paragraphs neither she or any of her friends that write for a living (besides that one friend we all have) feel confident or joyous when the task of writing something shows up in life. It does not matter if you have been writing for decades as Lamott has, you will always feel uncomfortable when you have to start an assigned piece of writing. She has followed the same procedure for years and that is why she "almost" trusts the process as she states. Her track record goes to show why the process ultimately works. That feeling of discomfort when you know you have to get a job completed that requires writing is inevitable, but at the end of the day it will all work itself out if you start with a shitty first draft like Anne Lamott. She voices her personal frustration with writing when she has to write food reviews, but I think that a majority of people in general are all wary when simply looking at a blank piece of paper or blank computer screen and then realizing that it has to be filled up eventually. When you begin to write a first draft it is just one of the many steps of the writing process. It does not matter what you write down in the first draft, that is the whole point of this first step. Just ramble on and let your hand or hands move whenever they decide to. The goal of the first…

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