Personal Narrative: My Life As A Star Athlete

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I was a mediocre basketball player. Probably because I never got into the game and didn't practice like the other girls. For most of my basketball career I sat on the bench for most of the A game and would play all of the B game. The A game was for the exceptionally good players while the B game was for us mediocre girls. Honestly, I never liked sports but my parents forced me to play them so I wouldn't just sit on the couch and because I looked athletic. By looking athletic I mean I was exceptionally tall and skinny than most of the other girls, so expectedly I was suppose to be a star athlete. I was actually the most uncoordinated person in the room and was really awkward with my tall gangly body. I always voiced to my parents that I hated playing basketball and that I didn't want to play it but they still forced me too because “I couldn’t just lay around …show more content…
On one of these hated and dreaded nights during 6th grade I was sitting on the bench during the A game and my coach called me up to put me in the game. I can still hear his raspy voice calling, “Maddi! You're up! Get up here!” I can still feel the butterflies in my stomach and the anxiety from that night. Typically, the only time I ever played in the A game was at the ending of the game and if we were up a lot of points. Well on this night we were down a lot of points and the girls on the other team were extremely vicious. I was called in because one of the top players on our team was tripped by an opponent and hurt her ankle so she couldn't play anymore. I jogged onto the floor with my legs shaking and mentally freaking out because I was not ready to be body checked and thrown around by these girls. I played the small forward which was positioned right by the hoop, well thats where the extremely vicious girls went to block or grab the ball. Imagine a tall gangly

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