Characteristics And Challenges In David And Goliath By Ross Perot

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Ross Perot says, an American business man, “Life is never more fun than when you are the underdog competing against the giants”. Everyone has limited views about the underdog’s success. They consider that the Giants will always beat the underdogs. Perot thinks it will be fun if we play roles in the underdogs and against the giants. In David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell, he talks about the story and victory of the underdogs through the introduction. David is a small shepherd boy; he is a underdogs. On the other hand, Goliath is giant; he is big and has a lot of fighting experiences. Everyone thinks that Goliath is going to beat David anyway. They think that the victory will always belong to the giants, but it is not true anymore; they also …show more content…
In chapter “Vivek Ranadive”, Gladwell describe the battles of a basketball players and the underdog’s strategies against the Giants to help the reader understand how the underdog can turn their disadvantages to advantages. The underdogs use their knowledge, intelligent, and hard work to against the giants. Vivek and his basketball team are the underdogs. They are not powerful, big, good skills, and strength. He never plays basketball before and the girls in his team, they do not seem like they are born to play basketball. They are totally opposite with their opponents-the giants. Their opponents have good skills, well experiences, and have higher advantages. Vivek’s basketball team seem so disadvantage, but they turn their disadvantage to advantage as David wins Goliath. At first, we never think that his basketball team will have a chance to win in any basketball game. They are so small and poor experience to be able to win, but they work hard and practice everyday to achieve their dream; in addition, there are not every underdogs can achieve their goals, dream. Gladwell explains, “Underdog strategies are hard” (32). His basketball team practices every two hours a day, less talking and talk only when they need advice. If the underdogs work hard and know how to use their knowledge to make their own strategy in the battle, they will have chance to beat and win any giants. We can see how hard for the underdogs to competing …show more content…
I’ve been seeing an underdog willing to achieve her dream; she did not care about what people talked about her; she just did her best to be able to beat against the giants. My friend’s name was Linh. She was my friend in high school in Vietnam; she was a good student and a gregarious girl. Her house pretty close to my house, and we always hang out together. There was a basketball yard front of my house, she always came over and played with me. At first, we just played for fun and exercising. I never knew that she was that good at basketball. She was fast and smooth in passing the ball. I told her to sign up for the basketball club in school. She joined the team and practiced after that. I saw her practiced everyday at the yard until night. After month, the coach of the team decided to choose some girls to official play represent the school team. I thought she was the one will be selected because she was really good at it after all the practiced. All of sudden, she was not. The coach told her that she was pretty good, but he didn’t choose her because she was too short for the requirement. She was only 4 feet seven at that time. It was a short height for a basketball player. The coach also told her that it was hard for her to jump high and put the ball in the basket, but she did not give it up like that. She was adamant. I still saw

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