I Look Down From Above And See Myself Seated Within The Front Of A Stage

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I look down from above and see myself seated in front of a stage. “Angelica Castanon!” I hear someone call. I see as I walk up the stairs and get onto the platform. My mind meld with my body and suddenly I’m on the stage. I look out at the lights, blinding me for a split second and suddenly I feel like I’m crashing down with insecurity and fear for my unknown future. What if I’m unprepared for college and get too stressed and fail all my classes and I’m not able to get back up on my feet? Then I look down in the seats and see all the people who came, who have supported me in my schoolwork, and who have high hopes for my future. They are the ones that remind me that I can do anything I want, there is nothing to stop me. They are the ones who will help me in times of need and help me get up and back on track with my schoolwork. As I walk to accept my high school diploma I feel confident that I will not let them down. I will not give up when they offer help. I will be the scholar who is pursuing her dream without limits because they were there for me and I hope I can be there for many other people like me.
As I come to the end of my high school career, my friends, family, and teachers continue to ask me what I want to do with my life. I have reflected on what I want in life and I have realized that instead of material possessions and positions of power, I want an experience. In order to figure out my path to fulfillment I will look at the text of Siddhartha written by Herman…

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