Essay on I Liked About The Class

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Reflection paper There were many thing that I like and disliked from this class. One thing that I liked about the class was that we did not physically have to attend the class. That was nice because I got to sleep in a little more. That also left extra time for me to work and put in a couple more hours. What also came beneficial with this was that we got to do our work when we wanted to. This was nice because there would be days that I would be extremely busy and I wouldn 't have time to do my homework that exact day. Even though there was due dates on it, the due dates were somewhat fairly apart so that lift gaps to catch my breath and work on other assignments. Another thing that I liked about this class was the professor he was very helpful in giving us new resources to help us better understand the work. The videos from youtube that he wanted us to watch were very helpful. It gave me a understanding from another point of view that I wouldn 't of got from the computer. The guy in the video gave real life examples and that was what got me to understand the work alot better. He was also very nice and cared about our success in the class. The fact that he cared so much and was trying to be involved with us as much as possible despite what he was going threw. That meant a lot. I also want to give a shout out to Jessica for trying to provide us with as much assistance as she can give us. I didn 't go to her much but threw the emails she sent out I could see she…

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