I Don 't Mind The Cool Air Essay

1354 Words Nov 30th, 2016 6 Pages
It’s cold this morning as I walked to the bus stop. Everything has a shade of blue with a nice breeze to add to it. I love these kinds of mornings because it allows me to think about things clearly. Why do I do the same routine every morning? Get up, wash up, get dressed, pick up my bag, and leave for school with little to no change. It’s always the same path, the same procedure, it’s boring. How others do daily life is also the same even out of school. We all just do the same patterns over and over again until we drop dead and call it life.
The bus is late again, and with all these people gathering up it going to be crowded. I don’t mind the cool air makes everything better. Why does it have to be the same thing over and over? People tell us when your younger you can be what you want to be. They add all the restrictions, cans and can’t then your options go from anything to a hand full of things. Why can’t you just say how it is? You can’t do everything you have to be realistic.
The bus is crowded. You’d be lucky to squeeze a child in here let alone that cumbersome stroller this lady’s trying to shove in. I miss the wind. Instead, I have this nasty humid air and all these cranky people yelling at each other. “Move to the back for f*** sake!” stroller lady keeps yelling. I’d like to see her find more space because I’m not seeing any. It’s hard to think in here, I would walk to school if it didn’t take 4 hours. In here people’s actions keep influencing my thoughts. Why does…

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