I Am Taking The Time Out Of My Crazy Ass Schedule Essay

1155 Words Mar 22nd, 2016 null Page
Adi, Today I am taking the time out of my crazy-ass schedule to write to you. I know this is old fashioned, but it something you will be able to reflect on later. Hopefully it will have a bigger impact than the texts or phone calls we’ve shared. I will not call any names or curse. I am simply trying to bring some recent concerns to your attention. Many months ago you and Kathy broke up after a not-so-healthy relationship. All of your friends and family were there 100% to support you in this time of need. This included, late night phone calls, places to crash, nights out, hookups, etc. We all wanted Adi to be happy and return to the happy-go-lucky guy he was and know that the decision he mad was the proper one. You were upset, which is understandable. You made some poor decisions, also understandable. However, many decisions were not poor and reflected positively on your character. For example, you transferred gyms and had the best intentions of going back and getting back into shape. We all supported you, we knew this was the right decision to get you back to being secure and confident in yourself. A few months ago you bought a brand new Toyota Tacoma from Kelly and sold your M. We know this was not an easy decision, but everyone was proud that you took this responsible step in the right direction. A few weeks ago Kelly offered you an opportunity that seemed unreal. He offered you a full management position of the shop. Kelly knew this was not going to be an easy task for…

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