Essay about I Am At Marietta College

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After watching this video of everything the entrepreneurs overcame and how they made successful businesses I started thinking about my life and what is important to me. I have not had to overcome extremely hard obstacles. I come from a good family, my family is actually a little overinvolved in each other’s lives. I started thinking about what success means to me, I would have to say success would be my family and my friends around me. All the money I could make would not be meaningful if I was alone. To me success would have to be measured by not how many people are around you, but by the people that actually care about you and that you have a true healthy relationship with.
While I am here at Marietta College I want to establish myself, to get good grades, I want to do well in political science and hopefully do the program where I can go to D.C. for a semester and study through American University. I also want to get involved on campus by joining organizations that I find enjoyable and that I am also passionate about. In my career after I graduate from college I am planning on going to graduate school although I have no idea where I would want to go yet. Then I hope to move to Washington D.C. My ultimate goal is to work in policy or as a lobbyist. I visited D.C. earlier this year and fell in love with the city and since it fit perfectly with what I have wanted to do with a career for a few years now, moving there has become one of my post-graduation goals.
My greatest…

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