I Am A Strong Individual With A Healthy Dose Of Perseverance Essay

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About Me I am a strong individual with a healthy dose of perseverance. For most of my undergraduate experience, I was a single mother juggling two jobs, quality time with my son, and school. I am also very passionate about my beliefs one of which is to educate myself so that I can make a difference. That passion and my own perseverance carried me through the undergraduate program at Lindsey Wilson College. Those two qualities alone were not enough for me as I stood on the threshold of graduate school. As I reevaluated where I had come from and where I was going, I discovered that I had sincere empathy for hurting people, a willingness to learn, and the confidence needed to use my abilities. Those qualities are why I chose to continue my educational journey – they make me a good fit for this profession.
Philosophy of Counseling
Describe your professional identity Orientation and motivation for helping.
Limiting my therapeutic tools to only one orientation would not benefit my clients. I believe that differing situations and different clients both call for a diversity of therapeutic orientation. I prefer a more integrated approach that tailors the style to the client. One client might thrive with the use of Adlerian Therapy, while another might progress better with more of a Cognitive Behavioral Therapeutic (CBT) approach. To me counseling is more about finding the best fit for your client and being able to meet them where they are at.
The ability to help a person better…

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