I Am A Little Town Located Is The Place Where I Was Born Essay

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Salamanca, Guanajuato, a little town located in Mexico is the place where I was born. A narrow town with another 150,000 brilliant minds besides mine, where there are always prejudices about your success in the future. The difference between the other 150,000 minds and mine was that I was focused on accomplishing more than the person next to me. I’ve been always enrolled in sports as a way to potentially increase my abilities and to show me that there are not impossible for me if I was determined to accomplish a goal. I wanted to highlight in my society, not based on my material acquisitions, but for my accomplishment that didn’t include material objects. I was raised in two different worlds at the same time: in one hand, I have my father’s family, which have an enormous house, money enough to buy expensive artifacts and money to spend to travel all around the world, while on the other hand, I have my mother’s humble family which couldn’t afford expensive items or even the common use ones, living in a modest house but full of love and values. As I grew up I realized that the life of the people around me wasn’t as simple and without concerns as mine because I could clearly understand and visualize the difference of worlds in my own family. I always felt that I was different to the children in my school, they were focused on being popular or didn’t care about learning each day a bit more, while I always wanted to learn new knowledge because I wanted to be as smart or have…

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