I Am A Leader For The Rest Of The Team Essays

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As morning came I heard the birds chirping and my mom yelling from the kitchen “trey get up its time for school,”! As I’m dragging myself out of bed I get a call from my coach telling me “trey is you up for school? you better be we have one of our biggest games today and I need you to be up and ready cause I’m counting on you to be a leader for the rest of the team”. After the call I was really focused and ready to play, we were going to play our school rivals Cleveland heights which were one of the hardest teams on our schedule and even though I was ready to play in the back of mind I was scared that we would lose. So as I’m walking to school I see my friend Leroy waiting at the corner for me so that we could walk together and as we walked we talked about the upcoming game and how ready we were to play but as we get closer to the school I start to get a funny feeling in my stomach as we got closer and closer the feeling in my stomach started to get worst and worst. At this point I was really getting nervous and I couldn’t stop thinking about the game. Throughout the school day I couldn’t stop thinking about the game I started to feeling like a mad man. Everywhere I went thru the school I was reminded that I had a game. At every corner and every hall way I got asked by somebody “are you ready? Do you think you guys are going to win? Cleveland heights is a really tough team with one of the best basketball players in high school right now.” And with every question I started…

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