I Am A Great Writer Essay

771 Words May 9th, 2016 4 Pages
At the beginning the semester, I was terrified, it had been ten years since I have been in high school, and now finally I was enrolled in college courses. I tried to my best to recall everything I had learned in my time in high school, but I knew throughout the semester it would be an uphill battle. Now with the semester coming to end, I have realized that I have come out the other end with better understanding and knowledge with English Composition that I know will help further succeed in many aspects of my life and school.
First and foremost English Composition was by far my favorite class, it renewed my love for writing, and I learned quite a lot. I always knew I had the “bones” to be a great writer, but with lessons like how to write a literacy narrative, learning the process of brainstorming, and peer review I was able to put the “meat” on bones. It was important for me to dive into every assignment with an open mind so may I educate myself in every aspect regardless if I had previous knowledge of it. Overall collectively all the material that we learned and worked throughout the semester can apply in so many ways. Since I am continuing my journey through college knowing how to properly cite sources, write an Annotated Bibliography, and correctly write a Research Paper will be very valuable and vital to my success. Even pertaining to my life outside of college this course has made me a more rounded individual, and has given me courage to voice my opinion in other ways…

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