Hybrid Assignment 2: Employment Life Cycle

Hybrid Assignment 2 – Employment Life Cycle
Source & Recruit
Involves finding suitable candidates for an open job position and getting them started with the selection process to hire the most qualified candidate. A recruiting campaign is created to attract potential candidates. During this step in the process various figures are involved, such as hiring managers, senior leaders, HR business partners, and recruiters.

Best Practices:
• Conduct a skills assessment: Conducting a skills assessment allows employers to measure the applicant’s skills on areas of importance to the job they are applying to. This is a best practice because by conducting a skills assessment, employers are able to choose applicants who have the necessary skills for the
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they can attend to better themselves. Training is a best practice because it enhances the skills, capabilities and knowledge of employees.
• Mentor employees: Mentoring employees is assigning an employee to a mentor who can guide in their career and goals. This is a best practice because when employees have a mentor, employees identify themselves as a vital part of the organization while creating a heightened level of ownership.
• Create succession plan for each employee: A succession plan is a process where an organization ensures that employees are recruited and developed to fill each key role within the company. This is a best practice because when employees see a career path for their continued growth and development they are more engaged and motivated.
• Coach/feedback: Coaching is a method of strengthening communication between a manger and an employee. Feedback is the primary tool used to provide employees with information and guidance. Coach/feedback is a best practice because it help managers improve the productivity of their employees, to develop and improve an employee 's capability to perform and to correct poor
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This is a best practice since it shows employees that employers value their job.
• Promote growth opportunities: Growth opportunities includes continuing education courses, Tuition reimbursement, career development or counseling services, skills training provided in-house or through outside training centers, among others. This is a best practice because employees gain new skills and experiences that can increase employee motivation and job satisfaction and help them more effectively manage job stress
• Lower stress from overworking and create work/life balance: Work/life balance includes flextime, telecommuting, and changing roles. This is a best practice because when employees have options on how to balance their personal life and work they will be more productive and feel a lot less

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