Human Resource Management Essay

Name: Le Phan BACH
Student ID: 845068
Subject: Human resources management
Tutorial response 2:
Problem 2:
Human resources management uses technology as an advantage for recruiting. Online recruiting brings lots of benefits when it is being applied to the organisation.
Firstly, online recruiting is time saving for both employers and employees. Previously, employers used to put their advertisement for recruitment in newspapers. This took time for the jobs seekers to find the jobs they wanted, because they not only had to spend time to find the right position, but they also had to spend time gathering newspapers of different publishers over many days. This was time-consuming because the jobs seekers couldn’t know which positions had been taken.
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Advertising is very expensive, whether organisations advertise directly or use recruitment companies. It is very expensive to advertise in the print media, whereas, with internet and social media, employers can now keep the cost of hiring to the minimum. They can advertise that they are hiring new candidates through social media such as: LinkedIn, Facebook … or through job portals or even create their own website.
Thirdly, online recruitment is a headhunting tool for employers to find the best candidate for the job. As employers may use the advance technology to easily look through the resumes that job seekers apply for jobs through job portal, they can access to candidates whom they think is the most suitable for the job.
Finally, online recruitment is a great tool to employ and retain talent, since the internet connects people all around the world and people from many countries can see the job advertisements. Before online job advertising, employers can only reach local employees from same city or country. Nowadays, with online recruitment, companies can reach international talent and find the right employees for the right positions to benefit their
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Firstly, if employees can have a path to grow themselves, they may have more passion about their job and their loyalty for the company. As a result, they not only may stay with the organisation, but they may also bring out the best performance which help improve the company’s standard. Secondly, this may develop staff’s motivation towards their work which may help reduce the turnover rate since it increase job satisfaction. Finally, lifelong learning opportunities for employees is a great tool to compete with your competitors, because your business have the right people with skill and knowledge to push the organisation moving forward. In addition, this is a strategy to attract talented candidates, because employees should be visionary to help drive the

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