Essay on Human Resources Management Plan and Job Aids

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Human resources management plan and job aids Axia College, University of Phoenix Table of Contents Executive Summary Job Analysis Selection Process New Employee Orientation Training Development Plan References Attachments: Interview Questions Script for New Employee Orientation Human Resources Management Plan and Job Aids Executive Summary HR assistance plan and aids are directly related to an accounting company's strategic plan in the sense that it helps the employees of an accounting firm to cope with stress and personal/ workplace problems, thereby boosting their morale and motivation levels and helping such employees to raise their productivity and efficiency levels. Such …show more content…
Incumbents bring together financial systems and arrange financial statements and reports. This is the second within a four-level accounting classification series. This classification is eminent from the Senior Accountant, in that current appraisal financial statistics identify and correct inconsistency and arrange fiscal reports on a self-sufficient basis while the Senior Accountant is accountable for finishing reports, arranging particular organization reports and is seen as the technological advisor to administration, personnel and clientele on organizational and monetary issues. ESSENTIAL ABILITIES Capability to exhibit conventional, dependable, and appropriate presence Capability to pursue written and verbal instructions and to complete allotted responsibilities on the agenda Capability to read, write & speak in English and comprehend contemporary math. Capability to gain knowledge of instructions, annotations, and inaccuracies, and connect actions using good verdicts. Capability to work separately or part of a team; capability to work together correctly with other co-workers Capability to work with administration, receiving direction/advice, instructions/analysis and/or accomplishment/regulation. JOB SPECIFIC DUTIES Requires a Bachelors Degree in Accounting or associated field and two years of specialized accounting skill or the equivalent of

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