VUCA Case Study

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VUCA is a new trending term that represents the current business situations which is the increase of instability and changes of business world. VUCA itself is acronym of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. In order to make strategies to survive in this situation, we have to understand VUCA. Not just as a whole term, but also we have to analyze the environment of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity.
1. Volatility
Volatility is a situation that caused by unexpected changes such as demand in market, technology (fast technologies changes), economy, politics, etc. These changes are easy to be recognized, aware, understood and followed by companies.
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that have to be considered that cause slow decision making. The complexity of organizational structure in a company may cause difficulties in decision making process as well. The bigger the company is, the organizational structure will be more complex as well. The control of company’s aspect depends on the complexity,. Therefore, the more complex a company is, the top management will have less control in several aspects such as Operation manager will have less or event no control in Production area. By having complex management system, the company will have slow flexibility to react fast in changes. Complexity in a company also can be caused by interdependent and interconnected of stakeholders (customer, employees, investors), information technology of a company also its organizational structure such as division, subsidiaries, etc. (Wikipedia) (Bennett & Lemoine, 2014) (Berinato, 2014) …show more content…
We claimed these strategies as 4TC strategies.
1. Technicalities – Adaptable & Flexible
Goal: Equip employees with adaptability and flexibility. Able to work better and multi-changing environment; thus, has specialty and expertise in its work field as well as good understanding in how others’ and things work in the company/ and industry. Therefore, VUCA environment would not be the barriers, stress, and confusions are minimized as employees understand the system and how to conform themselves with different situation.
- Comprehensive Training Session
Not only give the competencies related to its job field, but train them to be a generalist. Therefore, the training session should be suited with the company’s culture, but able to enrich the employee’s ability in:
a. Teamwork: complete a specific task as a team. Able to collaborate and brainstorm for generating best ideas, dare to execute what they’ve planned in a meticulous

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