Job Analysis Assignment

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My father is the subject of this job analysis interview, and as of today he is currently 51 years old and put in 23 colorful and experienced years of service to the United States Air force. After many years of service he retired to a position as a government civil serviceman with an occupation as an Intelligence analysis at MacDill Air force base. Intelligence analysis is a very broad term that can mean many things for those who are unaware, which can lead to confusion. O*NET has done a very well defined term for what the occupation is and what it requires. Some of which are very similar to the experiences that my father describes. O*NET is database that describes many of today’s job occupations with what they may require for such an endeavor. …show more content…
He describes his work environment as an, “cubicle farm” with a large and friendly work force group with weekly meetings and group luncheon. At times though he has been required and asked to go overseas to war torn countries to put his skill set at work on the field. With the territory comes the hazards, he accounts stories of motors, bombs, and gunshots occurring right outside his operating station on a nightly basis. On the home front there are only a few physical strains that happen that comes with any occupation such as mental strain and tediously long commute. He comments saying the work structure he finds himself in mirrors that of military institute and since everyone is working for a common goal there are no “competitors”. My father’s professional career is colorful and varied from what he has done over his lifetime. As an intelligence analysis he says that he is happy with the work he is doing and that it means something to him. O*NET has given a very brief description on what it is to be one, and with my father’s words has painted a very vivid picture of what it is like to do what he does. The skills and training he has acquired over his career has contributed immensely in what he does today. He credits a lot of his life choices such as joining the military to be a major contributor to his success

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