Essay on Human Resources in Health Care

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Human Resources in Health Care
Karen L. Margossian
HCS 341
July, 6, 2011
Ms. Edna Wilkerson

Human Resources in Health Care

The role that human resources (HR) holds in the health care field can be simple or it can be very complicated, depending on the facility and the role it has there. Regardless of the role HR plays it is a vital part of the health care system. Human resources handle many different areas from interviewing to termination within different groups of people, the facility, the employees, and the patients. The role on the Health care field is “to manage all aspects of operations that are personnel related” (RNDegrees, 2011, p. 1).
Within a health care facility the human resources department can handle a
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Some of those responsibilities are: 1. Trainings and Continuing Education 2. Counseling and Advice 3. Performance Appraisals and Monitoring 4. Professional Development Education 5. Employee Morale 6. Compensation Rates and Challenges 7. Benefit Programs-Facilitating and Handling 8. Benefit Orientation
Employees are at an advantage with a well working human resources department. HR is the place employees can go for challenges dealing with management or other coworkers. It is also a place where all information regarding the facility and the benefits offered is current and people trained and educated it the information can assist employees in solving the challenges that a workforce faces daily.
For the patients, human resources can ensure that the safety and security of their medical information, and treatments are the top priority. By having employees who are not worried about their jobs and benefits enhances focused care and attention to their patients. It can also build customer satisfaction with a facility.
“The more patients who return to, recommend and become champions for a hospital, the more fiscally healthy the organization” (Binder & Reeves, 2011, p. 1). “One of the earliest studies of loyalty, published by Jones and Sasser, reported a marked difference in the loyalty of merely satisfied and

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