Human Resource Management : Pfizer Essay

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1. What is the importance of Human Resource Management in Pfizer?

Human Resource Management is pivotal to achieve business results, as per the top management of Pfizer.

The HR team focuses on Mergers and acquisition and divestiture planning models.
Pfizer has a global HR team that aids in integration and subsequent implementation of plans.


• To draw the finest talent
• Build a retaining atmosphere
• Investment in development

The values upheld by Pfizer are
• Honesty
• Respect
• Customer focus
• Teamwork
• Leadership
• Presentation
• Service to the community
Human Resource Management plays a significant role in mergers and integrations
 When Pfizer acquired Warner-lambert in 2000

• The biggest challenge was to align the cultures, the system and the processes of the companies.
• The budget also posted constraints and staffing redundancy also had to be managed.
• One of the most arduous tasks was retaining the key talent. This was done through review of staff performances

 The merger of Pfizer with animal health and SmithKline Beecham

• HR department used internal information to facilitate thinking
• Communication was made concrete and the staff was involved in planning and recommending strategies for integration in terms of the culture, systems and processes

2. What are the human resources forecasting methods used by the company?

The business plan of the organization, any technological trends, socio-economic…

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