Essay on Human Resource Management in Hilton Worldwide

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Managing Human Capital Hilton Worldwide

Contents Executive Summary 2 1.0 Introduction 2 1.1. Human Resource Management 2 1.2. Hilton Profile 3 Vision Statement 3 1.3. Chosen position: Hotel Manager 3 2.0 Analysis to identify the HRM issues and challenges 5 2.1 Weaknesses and challenges of the chosen industry. 6 2.2 Practices which leads to improvement 6 2.2.1 Planning, recruitment and selection 6 2.2.2 Training and development 7 2.2.3 Reward management 8 2.2.4 Employee relations 9 3.0 Conclusion 11 4.0 References 13

Executive Summary The project was structured in several sections that yield information on major topics: planning, recruitment and selection; training and
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2.0 Analysis to identify the HRM issues and challenges
Human resource management (HRM) in the hotel industry has changed to a more complex level over the past twenty years. The hotel industry is all about dealing with people - the happier employees the better business is. Human resources management using different methodologies to people management, training programme and reward management, and are now considering much broader benefit opportunities, such as balancing time between employee's work and life and minimizing stress in the workplace. Every large hotel chain has own well-established HR management structures, including chances for social dialog between heads of hotel and their employees.
The hotel business is one of the most competitive businesses in the world in terms of human resources management. More people are exiting than entering the hospitality workforce mostly because of long hours, including nights and weekends, make jobs in the industry undesirable career choices for college-graduate employee, who want more flexibility and higher-quality work opportunities. A lack of focus on employee satisfaction and training also has negative impact on the industry. The hotel industry faces challenges such as high turnover, retention, lack of commitment and the key theme that runs across seems to also be

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