Human Resource Management Case Study

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Assignment #3

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HRMT 301
Human Resources Management

A lot of contemporary supervisors believe that money is the most essential thing in any company. By having a good income, they do not pay attention to other factors. Customers do not claim, responses are pretty good and looks that everything is great, however, it is not enough. In such cases management usually forgets about satisfaction of employees. Meaning of job satisfaction is not only doing what you like, it contains employee motivation, morale and goal achievement as well. In other words, it covers basic concerns and employee needs. Things facilitating satisfaction of a worker include respective relations with an employee, empowering
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Another factor that identifies essential services is that they are necessary for the maintenance of the public security, law and its administration. Employers and union negotiate essential-services agreements (ESAs), defining which services are admitted as essential. Barbara Ballermann (Professor and Chair, Department of Medicine) says: “No one is more qualified to discuss the essential nature of care than the unions representing front-line workers who actually deliver that care.”. So, do these people should have the right to strike? Talking from the point of view of HR, the answer would be definitely positive since everyone needs to have such right. Taking away some concerns at the workplaces may frustrate employees and put more pressure on them. Forcing someone to stay at work when there is something completely inappropriate is not good as for the costumers as well as for the workers. They will be not able to concentrate at their duties and fatal mistakes will be made. For example, TTC driver who came to the work with an awful mood may miss some stop or even cause an accident. Talking as a global citizen, people will be unhappy to hear that some of these services are on strike. Let’s take a bank as an instance. Person who has a flight tomorrow noticed that her/his card is blocked. S/he tries to contact via online, telephone and SMS services but there is no answer. Every branch is closed, but all the cash is placed on its banking account. To conclude, taking away the right of strike from people who provide an essential service is a practical idea, but their working conditions should be under surveillance of the

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