Human Resource Management And Performance Appraisal Systems Essay

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NMASI understands that human resource management plays an integral role in improving key indicators within its organization such as performance appraisal, staff surveys, staff turnover quality of products and organizational performance. Alami 2015 cited by Kavanagh et al (1990) stated that in the 21st century the responsibilities of human resources management have surpassed employee attendance and other mere matters considering motivational issues, a safe and healthy working environment and providing an opportunity for growth and innovation. Studies have shown that whenever employees are satisfied and valued, demonstrates increase productivity. As (2016 par. 1) Opined that “ human factor is the only able to combine the other factors of production, so as to create added value”. Ultimately, this will aids the business to increase efficiency, effectiveness and competitiveness. As such, NMSAI managers who perform dual roles as HR Managers will employ the following recommendations in improving organizational effectiveness in its central functions of the organization.
Performance Appraisal Systems
Performance appraisal systems must be effective in order to sustain employee
Performance in accomplishing the organization goals and objectives. However, if this is not so time and money would have been wasted in developing and implementing (Elverfeldt, 2005). According to Elverfeldt, 2005 cited by Jacobs et al (1980 p. 5) “performance appraisals can be…

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