Construction Industry In Saudi Arabia Case Study

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4.0 The Construction Industry in Saudi Arabia
The construction industry of Saudi Arabia was one of the most important industries alongside the petroleum production industry in 1970. However, it has fluctuated through different stages that can be described in four phases in its history (Alkhathami, 2004).

When the government of Saudi Arabia had established its 5-year plan in 1970, the construction industry surged to be the leading industry at that time. Since the government provided grants and interest-free loans, many construction firms were established to invest in building different building types in order to help develop the infrastructure of Saudi Arabia such as highways, hospitals, and airports (Alkhathami, 2004).

In the following stage
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For instance, measuring the level of employee empowerment was examined through using 20 questions those are adopted from Men (2010). In addition, 5 items that measure the level of performance in organizations were sent out to certain professionals from different fields in order to review the questions, then ensure the validity of the questions and provide the researcher with valuable opinions and suggestion.

5.1 Description of the Survey
The survey (Appendix No.1) that the researcher conduct among 15 participants aims to examine and evaluate the level of empowerment and the level of performance in the construction industry in Saudi Arabia. In addition, the survey targets all engineers and architects who have worked in any engineering department that belongs to the construction industry.

Basically, the survey is divided into three main divisions. These divisions are a short description of the employee empowerment strategy, the contributions of employee empowerment to the construction industry, and the questioner. Since the high management in Saudi Arabia has not practiced this strategy widely, it is important to give the participant a brief description and the benefits of applying the strategy in the organization performance. This introduction makes the participant aware about the survey to provide accurate responses and very
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Also, how they feel about their influence over what happened. This questions aims to the area of measuring the level of impact to see their impact level in their department and how they influence the job.
• The production planning empowerment level. Also, whether the participant plays a major role in look-ahead schedule meeting or not. This is to see their role in planning the work and schedule the weekly work plan as well.
• Their ability to allocate the organization’s resources such as equipment and labor. This measurement shows their authority level to select construction equipment and deploy resources such as labor.

The third category of the survey contributes to the area of measuring the level of performance that employees have in the construction industry. Since the level of performance is considered a vital measurement to see the validity of the employee empowerment strategy, the researcher has added five questions to examine the correlation between the level of empowerment and the level of performance. This category evaluates the percentage on delayed project and the percentage of the completed assignment on time. These questions can be detailed as

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