Transformational Leadership Model

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For a team to work effective and succeed in attaining its goals, it needs to have a leader and choose a leadership model that will work best for it. There are several leadership theories and styles that any organization can employ to improve their results depending on the requirements of the organization. Transformational leadership has been accepted globally and its results have been more than satisfactory. This model is focused on bringing forth a positive change to the organization it is employed. The leaders using this model inspire their team members by motivating them with achievable visions and encourage them to fight hard to achieve them. Subordinate performance is improved by leaders employing charisma and intellectual motivation. …show more content…
According to this theory, the leader is expected to find the missing parts or flaws in a group, take care of these issues and take necessary actions to ensure the group works effectively. If the team works out very well, the leader is then successful in performing his/her task. In studying and identifying leaders who have been successful in performing their roles is the basis of developing the functional theories. The success of this model has been well correlated to the efforts of the leaders they put in managing their this model, one person is not responsible for the overall success of the team rather the conducts of the team members. Any member of the team is capable of executing these deeds, so any associate can contribute in leadership. This theory focuses on how the team handles their tasks and not the …show more content…
Rewarding the individuals or employing particular incentive that are linked to achieving the set goals, are some of the active empowerment policies. The overall output of the team will be improved by these strategies proving that the leadership is successful. The leader’s ability to identify the qualities and creativity of his/her team members is very crucial as it gives the chance of individually motivating the member thus stimulating internal inspiration which is the best way an individual can do a particular work since its due to the individual’s passion. If the leadership is successful, high productivity will be achieved together with enhanced personal

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