Characteristics Of An Effective Performance Management Or Appraisal Process

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Characteristics of an Effective Performance Management or Appraisal Process
The first thing is the supervisor or manager should explain the purpose and the process of the evaluation or appraisal. Remembering the performance appraisal is to make clear what the job expectations are, setting goals for improvement of the employee’s weaknesses and reward for achievements and for the overall performance (Employee Performance Appraisals, n.d.). Performance evaluations motivate, communicates and filters documentation. The supervisor should explain the steps involved before and after the evaluation. The supervisor and the employee should have a mutual understanding of the job expectations. This makes for an effective performance evaluation. The supervisor
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According to when they are being evaluated. Supervisors would discuss the individual’s improvement and compliment for the skills that have improved during the time. This is where the supervisor will offer additional skills that the employee can learn to reach their full potential during the next evaluation period (Employee Performance Appraisals, n.d.). This sets reasonable and reachable goals for professional development. The supervisor or manager would always make sure the employee gives his input. Sometimes it would be a good idea for the employee to do a self-appraisal to be better informed about the process. This always helps with the stress levels of both the employee and the supervisor (Employee Performance Appraisals, …show more content…
Standards are set through job design and this is what the supervisor should evaluate by. If the supervisors motivate their employees with having achievements recognized and communicate the truth about how an employee is doing in their responsibilities makes for a better-motivated team and these employees will stay with the organization. This is a good way organization retain their high potential employees and reduce

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