The Cost Of Employee Training

Training “The average yearly expenditure for each employee enlarged to 955$ which was 820 for two years” according to SHRM Website (2004-2006). What is training? How can employees get trained and based on what needs? How much each training methods cost? How often should the employee get trained? These entire questions the Human Resources employee mush know how to addresses them correctly. Training is a problem when the HR department doesn’t know how to implement it or when to give an employee a training program. Employees are the asset and keys for a company’s success and revues. The company must well train their employee to get the best performance from them. Companies have different views regarding training. Some companies invest on their …show more content…
On the other hand, other companies view training, as a cost and waste of time. Also, employee’s behavior and actions are different toward receiving a training course. Some employees feel motivated to have a training course, while other feels they don’t need a training course to perform their jobs.
Training is: ‘the process of teaching employees the skills necessary to perform a job.” Robert Lussier & John Hendon writes this definition. According to Smriti Chand: there are several different types of training. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. The first example of training types is, on job training. Employee has the chance to learn more about his/her job by some one who knows more about the job skills and tasks. The trainer can be another the employee a supervisor at work. This category can be used for a special assignment or project at work or for job rotation purposes. Second is, off job training. The
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Then the manager will be able to know if any one of the employees will need further help to reach the personal or organization goals in any time. The manger is responsible to make an action if any employees lack a skills or knowledge to reach the goals. Also, the supervisor is required to choose the suitable training methods for each employee depending on what they lacked based on information or abilities. If the supervisor knew what the employee needs then he/she will select the best methods to let the employee begin as soon as

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