HR Approaches

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From perusing the surveys, there are many instances and situations in which human resource approaches and practices impact on the organization. Nowadays, there are many approaches and practices that can be utilized by companies to improve their overall performance.

Organizations have been impacted by HR approaches and practices greatly and it can be easily observed From the CIPD HR survey, participants in the survey have agreed that Human Resource takes an active role in the development of culture in the organization. For example, DreamWorks executives strive to foster creativity by encouraging employees to take risks and giving staff members the opportunity to engage in spontaneous discussions. This type of company culture seems to be paying
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In the 21st century world, organizations that handle their workers as a resource capital instead of cost-center make their workers feel more committed, satisfied and more involved. For instance, Google Inc. use approaches such as non-hierarchical structure and corporate transparency. What happens in the company when this practiced is to allow the employees to bypass the chain of command and be able to communicate with their higher-ups directly. With this practice, they make their employees feel more involved and more open to communication; avoiding the phenomenon that can be registered when this method is not put into practice: much information may get lost, misunderstood or even ignored by certain levels of managers therefore making the idea gone …show more content…
E., & Gerhart, B. (1996). Researches have shown that companies which value people management (high-performers) record to have a better financial performance than companies that do not highly value human resource (low-performers). Take for instance Google Inc., which is one of the biggest companies in the world. They have become one of the top organizations in the world because they have used many HR practices and approaches for the employees and because of this. Google Inc. has experienced heightened financial and overall performance crediting to the fact that they have placed such emphasis on their Human resources department.
These are just some of the ways that HR practices and approaches have impacted organizations nowadays. Many of these examples reveal that HR management has to be placed in high priority in the current business environment. From the research papers, HR affects every aspect of the organization from employee/ employer management to the financial and overall performance of

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