Human Resource Management And Organizational Leadership Essay

960 Words May 11th, 2016 4 Pages
During my first two years at Illinois State University, I have learned a great deal about the fundamentals of leadership development. As my personal motto,I believe that every person has a divine purpose in life. Within this idea, everyone has a “white hot why”, essentially the glowing purpose of an individual’s life and the passionate ideals the individuals is driven for. I believe that my “white hot why” is developing others and helping them reach their purpose and find what people are passionate about to make organizations more efficient. When people are in roles and have responsibilities where they feel a sense of purpose, passion for what they are doing and have competent leaders; they produce results and this leads to effective and prosperous organizations. Therefore, the major I have chosen, Human Resource Management and Organizational Leadership, along with the leadership initiatives I am involved on in campus, such as Founder and President of Christian Business Leaders and President of the College of Business Executive Council, which give me the opportunities to demonstrate my passion to help others develop as leaders.

Throughout these leadership opportunities, I have been able to learn from several distinguished individuals such as the CEO of Advocate BroMenn Hospital Colleen Kannaday, the Director of the Honors Program Rita Bailey, and many others. With these experiences, I have been able to learn from their different types of leadership styles. From these…

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