Essay on Human Resource Issues and Strategy

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MGB207 Human Resource Issues and Strategy

Assessment 2: Case Study Report

Lecturer: Muhammad Ali

Name: Emma Read
Student Number: 7666748

Word Count: 1595
Executive Summary
Consolidated Global Mining Services are currently facing an array of issues within the company. This report identifies the Human Resource issues and Non-Human Resource issues, in addition to the most important HR issue faced by CGMS.

The HR issues identified within CGMS are as follows:- 1. Poor job analysis; and 2. Overstaffing

The Non-HR issues identified withim CGMS are as follows:- 1. Lack of cash flow; and 2. Lack of information systems

The most important HR issue identified is the lack of Organisational Structure. The
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It is noted that CGMS is “not really” a matrix structure, and “that was probably where the problem lay” (Waight, n.d.).
3.0 Strategies and Evaluation
3.1 Strategies
It is imperative that the main Human Resouce issue, that being Organisational Structure, is resolved so that CGMS can improve their overall performance. Two strategies will be proposed to assist CGMS in improving their Organisational Structure. Hosseini-Nasab et. al. (2011), notes that strategic planning remains the single most important element for companies' overall success
The first strategy proposed is Employment Planning, also known as Human Resource Planning. Human Resource planning is described as “The process of systematically reviewing HR requirements to ensure that the required number of people, with the required knowledge, skills and abilities, are available when needed” (Stone, 2010, p. 50). By implementing HR Planning, the correct employees will be selected, and allocated to the relevant role in which they are suited. By having employees in the correct role, it should increase the formality and narrow the span of control hopefully leading toward a more definitive structure for CMGS.
The second strategy proposed for CGMS is to perform a SWOT analysis on the company. A SWOT analysis is described by Stone (2010) as an evaluation of an organisation’s strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities

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