Human Minds And Finding The Functions That Affects People 's Behavior

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When you get a flu or break a bone who would you go to? When your emotions makes you sick, who would you go to? Psychology is known to be the study of human minds and finding the functions that affects people’s behavior. To become a Psychologist it calls for a lot of demands, such as particular education, training, and the different careers that is for Psychology.Even though the three articles, “How to become a Psychologist” by Bureau of Statistics, “Careers in Psychology” by Psychology today, and “Increased training costs” by Dr. Andrew Keen are similar because of their requirements and future outlooks, they differ because of their challenges that are faced.
Within all three articles they all discuss the education that is needed to become a Psychologist.To further add, in the article “How to become a Psychologist” by Bureau of Statistics mentions the amount of education that is needed, the article wants to inform exclyy what is needed by using this stictics, “How it takes a minimum of 60 graduate semester hours to be known as a specials”(pg.1). This show that it takes a lot of time in schooling to reach a higher part of Psychologist, to be known as a specialist. For example, in article “Careers in Psychology” by Psychology Today, it also mention education but, the degrees that can be accomplish by the education that is needed. Things are changing and what was needed in the past are change for what is needed for today’s world. For example, “In 2012, 26,834 graduates walked…

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