Human Experimentation

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I Paige disagree with human experimentation and feel we need To stop the human cruelty.
Many things have went wrong were over hundreds of people die are you willing to let kids go parentless or people family less for your selfish experience. Human experimentation has ended in depression and death or done against of people will.

An horrible example is the human experimentation in the Soviet Union in 1921. They exposed the prisoners were exposed to a number of deadly poisons included mustard gas, ricin, digitoxin, and curare and that's only a few they slipped this stuff into their meals are forced to go to laboratories without their consent violating basic human right. The purpose for the test was to find a tasteless and odorless chemical that couldn't be detected. That's not the only time humans were given poisons for experiments 17-year-olds and 18-year-old were brought to Boot Camp and ask if they want to help with the war only once they reach this experiment centers they were told
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Also there are many unneeded animals that can be killed that don't effect other humans or other animals. human experimentation goes against a lot of Nuremberg laws. The first law it goes against is that there has to be consent from the test subject but in most of my examples shows that they were against people's will. The second law most experimentation goes against is that in needs to be for the good of society but just like the monster study in the end it wouldn't of helped. The fourth law is it needs to avoid physical or mental pain but many experiments have ended in death. The sixth law is the risk should not exceed. The seventh law is that there should be proper protection to prevent death and injury there are many examples where they had ended in death and injury. In the end I disagree with human

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