What Is Wrong To Experiment On Human

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Experiment on human is an unhuman way of learning or figuring out what the human body rejects or accepts. For many centuries, we are trying to find many cures or answers to the human body. They’re many doctors who do many terrifying things one can never imaging. In the book, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks I read many experiment that they did to many people that I never ever heard of. For example: Tuskegee Experiment, Holocaust Experiment, and Nuremberg Trail/Code. This are some of reason why I think that it is wrong to experiment on human in certain extended. When they start to record the natural history of Syphilis and doctors had assumed that African Americans males were the main cause of this illness. They had over hundreds of African …show more content…
More than 100 concentration camps inmates were killed to purpose killed to obtain their skeletons. They were even testing how much the human body can resists in cold weather. One physician had a room filled with many victims body parts in a jars and had them as a display for other physicians to see. Many were victims of cruelty and horribly experiments during the Holocaust. For many of the people that didn’t know about the experiments that happen during the Holocaust. In this case, many didn’t know what physicians where actually doing to them because they were already capture by the Nazi. They didn’t had no choice because they were prisoners for been Jews. This is another example of an experiment that wasn’t right to beginning with and what they did to get what they wanted from a human …show more content…
They don’t put their feelings or their human nature response that it is wrong to do experiments on humans. They are more likely focus on trying to figure out the solution of any type of illness by experiment on humans. In their exceptive, they are treating humans as labs rats that they can use around to observe anytime they want.
My argument about human experiment is there should be a limits on every experiment they do to human. It’s a human being that has a family or friends that they have not a subject or object they can use and throw away. Many of this could be like horror fictions movie but it is someone life that they are experiment

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