Why Is Animal Testing Wrong

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Although there are several people who are against animal experimentation (anti-vivisection), there is still the other side of people who under look the problem at hand and are okay with it happening. In their minds, they’re thinking that animal testing has been here for many, many years, so why put an end to it now? Others think, “animals cannot have rights because animals don’t respect human rights” (Mur, 31). Although this poll was taken around eighteen years ago and things may have changed since then, it still need to be put on the table. In 1996, 72% of people said that testing on animals is only sometimes wrong. That leaves 29% of people to think that it is completely wrong. How is unethically putting animals under intense pain only sometimes …show more content…
They may think that because animal testing has been around for so many years that there is no other way that we can still continue to make products safe for humans. Yet again, they are wrong. With today’s science there are some alternatives that scientists can take to end the usage of animals for their experimentation. Most of the time the products that are harmful to animals are still put on the market for people to purchase, so there was no reasoning to test the product on the animal. Alongside from that, even if the chemical is safe by “animal standards”, there is still only an 8% chance that it is safe for humans, which is very slim (Ericson). The tests that are put on animals sometimes show no indication on how the product will affect a human. One scientific advancement that scientists have made is when they test products and chemicals on an animal’s liver. Instead of running a drug through the animal liver, they have used a chemosynthetic liver. In one case, the trial for using the chemosynthetic liver was successful and was able to save the lives of one thousand rats and one hundred dogs. Following that experiment, this method was proven to work for fifty other similar cases, and probably much more considering this was almost eleven years ago (Ericson). I think that the use of these alternatives are much more reliable than tests that are performed on animals. As well as being …show more content…
Noxzema, the maker of CoverGirl Cosmetics and Noxzema skin creams, announced they would stop using the Draize Test in 1989. Following this well known company, Avon and Revlon stopped using the Draize Test as well. Major car companies were using animals in crash tests, but in 1993, General Motors discontinued this practice. Those steps forward were huge steps

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