Animal Experimentation Is Wrong

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Research Format Essay Animal Experimentation
Animal Experimentation is wrong in many different ways. Did you know that 21% of animals that go under intense experimentation die? Animals such as mice, rabbits, and pigs are used to undergo experiments for human advancement. These living things deserve to live pain free lives just as much as we do. This is not always thought of because as stated by Jeremey Bentham of “many project call for immobilization of a body part or the entire body itself”. Nothing is worse than wanting to move but not being able too. Animal Experimentation has gone on long enough. Animals are dying in labs at the hands of humans and it has been millions throughout the years. They go through trials for our soap, shampoo, and even for women’s lipstick. Innocent animal’s lives are traded for
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Knowing they were going to be locked away from the wilderness forever. Never being able to smell fresh air, it is like being in prison with no yard time. As humans we know animals can think, react, and even be passionate so why do the lives of innocent animals continue to be taken? In the picture the “human pig” is being held down, sewn up and even has a unknown liquid being dropped in his eye. Now think if only animals could talk and express the pain they are in. The others in the cages have a variety of expressions on their faces. Some look crazy and some look afraid. The horrors we put animals through!
All of the years of Animal Experimentation and all that was truly brought along with it was death in mighty numbers, millions on top of millions of animals have died at the hands of our United States scientists. As humans we take large quantities of things for very small and unimportant awards, it has become second nature.
For all non-believers in the wrongs of animal experimentation try to read and understand the pain and struggle that these small innocent animals are put

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