Hrm599 Week 10 Assignment 5 Capstone Project Hrm 599 Week 10 Assignment 5 Capstone Project

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HRM 599 HRM599 Complete Course
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HRM 599 Week 1 Discussion
"The Labor Force Today" Please respond to the following:
From the e-Activity, assess how underrepresented workers can be leveraged into any organization’s human resource strategy. Then, discuss how this links to the organization’s overall business strategy.
Determine two uses for the information on this Website and how they could be integrated into your organization’s human resource strategy.
HRM 599 Week 2 Discussion 1
"Strategic Management" Please respond to the following:
According to Sloan &
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In terms of key resources for setting HR strategy, evaluate what resources will be the primary concerns for creating a new strategy. Consider resources such as staffing, finances, and facilities.

HRM 599 Week 3 Discussion 2
"HR and Organizational Strategy" Please respond to the following:

Take a position on the following statement: “The process of setting an organization’s strategy should be the driving force in the establishment of all HR policies, programs, and practices,” from Mello, 2011, p. 115.
Imagine you are a consultant hired to evaluate an organization’s business strategy. Assess how to test the quality of an organization’s business strategy and the steps you would take to complete this assignment.

HRM 599 Week 3 Assignment 1 The Human Resource Function of a Retail Store
Assignment 1: The Human Resource Function of a Retail Store
Due Week 3 and worth 150 points
Traditional stores are experiencing a significant shift in retail shopping. Customers are looking for specialization and convenience when making purchases. For Human Resource Managers, the challenge becomes staffing for adequate sales support without over-staffing. For this assignment, consider how changing industry trends will affect the operations of an established retail store. The HR manager, experienced in the retail industry, must redefine her role as others are questioning the

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