Hr Profession Map Analysis

The HR Profession Map was developed for HR to develop and learn within their role as a HR profession and can be used by other businesses. The map is used as an effective tool in order to monitor individuals career objectives and also to keep a good knowledge base within the HR current. There are also 10 Professional areas 2 of which are core professional areas which are mentioned below: -
Strategies, Insights and solutions: - The first main core professional focuses on the understanding and development of the organisation. This could be from collating ideas and observations from employees and then try to influence policy to put forward ideas to assess the social and economic. This will should then create a change within the organisation
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This would seek ways to develop the organisation and add value, to do this they would require to actively develop and understand within the organisation. This behaviour would link well with the curious behaviour which is collaborative; this shows respect and empathy in all cultures and beliefs, that if positive decisions are made the this would bring employees together.
Leading and Managing the HR function: This second main core professional area is for employees to contribute as an organisation. The senior manager should be aware of any issues or threats to the organisation and then prioritise the organisation and its needs. They should provide sound advice and understanding within the policy and regulation of the organisation; this would help you to lead and develop whole organisation.
A good role model is required within the profession as well as the different levels you lead by example and encourage a positive change forward within the organisation. You should be able to push values and standards for the organisation which then would show positive employees throughout the organisation. They should able to stand by their decisions and be able to be face difficult questions and possibly provide evidence to back up your proposals. You need to show determination to deliver in the best way possible, showing efficiently and effectively that you are a strong character
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However, within my organisation I total agree that communication with employees is the most essential aspect to allow leaders to connect with individuals on a one-to-one basis to discuss their role on a personal level. At this time the employees can be informed of their performance within the organisation so then can analyse themselves were their next working goal is within the organisation and also were they need areas for improvement. The information will be recorded on a development record which can be used at each one-to-one meeting; this information can be used to help employees’ strengths and achievements and also areas to develop within the organisation. This is also a good review time to introduce new incentives to achieve within their performance, behaviours and reward their successes. Employees can discuss ideas for the organisations which could be used for the

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