Transformation Model And Integrated Management Involvement

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Transformation Model and Integrated Management involvement:
Organizations are made up of components that interact with each other. The major components are the task at hand, the people available, the technology being used and the structure of the organization. These major components are the fundamental means for transforming energy and information from inputs into outputs. During states of equilibrium between these components, companies are successful and produce positive outcomes. But poor fitting of these components lead to problems and under par performance of these organizations. We can analyse the quality of these components and how they interact with each other by using the Transformation Model – one of the major foundations of organizational behaviour in a firm. The Transformation Model is based around the question of: How does one implement a chosen strategy resulting in successful equilibrium of all the components in the organization leading to successful outputs? Integrated operations management is key to implementing changes and strategy where one can adjust the organizations component interactions leading to success. A simple and
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People: the issue here is identifying the nature and characteristics of the organization's employees including individual knowledge and skills, the different needs or preferences, the perceptions and other background factors. If an individual is given a task and doesn’t have the necessary skills, the task will not be complete, effecting the output. A good manager knows his/her workforce, their capabilities and their limits. Tailored allocation of certain tasks to certain employees with necessary experience and knowledge is critical in efficient performance and successful outputs. An added advantage would be ambitious employees who delve outside their allocated task and provide the company with more. Human Resource management and their employment choices differentiate a successful innovative company from an average

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