Hr Practice in Beximco Pharmacuticals Ltd. Essay

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Executive Summary

Human organization activity is simply the act of getting people together to accomplish desired goals. Any organization, whether new or old, small or big needs to run smoothly and achieve the goals and objectives which it has set forth. For it develops and implements its own Human Resource Management concepts. As such, the basic functions of HRM, broken down into seven different areas, allow for it to handle the strategic, tactical and operational decisions for the organization. The seven functions of HRM are: Planning, Recruiting, Selection, Socialization, Training and Development, Performance Appraisal, Compensation, Labor relation, and Motivation function

Beximco Pharma (BPL) is a leading edge
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we tried to give a thorough idea of the overall economic and industrial condition, existing competitions in both home and abroad, and future threats of international open markets etc. In addition to that, we have recommended some alternatives in the final segment of the report that we believe, could be helpful for BPL to prevail over the mentioned challenges.

Our min objective is to prepare this report to know about the human recourse practice in an organization. We try to focus on the report about the HR practice in BEXIMCO-PHARMA. The objectives of the study are as follows:

( To know the HRM policies followed in BPL, Bangladesh.

( To identify the various avenues for improving the HRM policies of BPL,


( Suggesting strategies to improve the HRM policies of BPL, Bangladesh.

To complete our report and reach in a decision we use some method. To collect information we search internet, read newspaper, and utilize our personal observation. As it is a report so our data is secondary data.
Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (BPL) has been the trendsetter in Bangladesh Pharmaceutical Market since its inception in 1979. Over the last decade BPL actually rose to a new standard – moving beyond manufacturing quality medicines to win mind share of patients, physicians, shareholders, business partners, and communities where we work and live. Our dedication

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