Hr Policies and Implementation of Hr Policies in a Global Company and Its Subsidiaries

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1. Introduction

In this report we are going to discuss about the people management, the strategic human resource management in relation to the standardization of. Presently there are many HRM models implemented in many of the companies. In this study we take the Jaguar & Land Rover Company as an example, whose policies are implemented globally and standardizing some of them, for all of its subsidiaries. Though there are many policies in SHRM, not all of them apt to all subsidiaries of Jaguar and Land Rover, because each of them has different culture and different reasons.Human resource management deals with the employee relations that regards to the distribution of payroll and dealing with employee relations at a particular location.
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The JAGUAR and LAND ROVER should standardize the following HR policies to take competitive advantage over their competitors.

2.1 HR practices that should be standardized on global basis:

A. A Healthy, safe and happy environment at the workplace:

A Healthy, safe and happy workplace should be created, so that employees can feel it as homely and stay with the organization for a long time.

B. Management with open book style

A culture of participative environment must have to be created. All the Information relating to sales, clients, management’s objectives, company’s policies, contracts and employee personal data must be shared. Be as open as you can. It helps in building reliance & motivates employees W.Eichinger (1996).

C. Bonus linked with performance

The Payment of bonus should be structured in such ways that, the employee can understand that there is no payment unless and until the company hits assured level of profitability. There should be additional criteria for payment of bonus, like on the team’s success and on the individual’s performance. Bonus should not be paid without measuring out performance unless it is a statutory obligation W.Eichinger (1996).

D. 360 Degree appraisal system

It is one of the methods of the performance appraisal. It has been embraced as one the best method of the performance appraisal. In this method, the feedback is collected from the seniors, peers and subordinates. Those days

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