Human Resources Management Case Study: King Company

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King Company does not adequately consider the human resources aspect. The neglect of human resources issue is evident from the ineffectiveness of the HR activities. The primary objective is to cut costs in the best way possible but does not consider the human resource side. In the short term, the organizational strategy could work (Wright, & McMahan, 2011). However, over time the increased staff turnover rate will create a challenge for human resources (HR). The problem is already evident in the company. Also, there is a risk in the union activity and the employee morale is going down.
HR needs to directly address the issues in the HR activities and the fraudulent sales reports. Further, HR should incorporate punishments for workers who engage
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An open-door policy is important between the employees, managers and the human resources department (Richard, & Johnson, 2001). However, in addition to the policy change, workers should also notice and experience the benefits of the policy change. Therefore, the management staff and the HR department and need to listen to the employees’ concerns.
I believe that some HR staff needs to change their perspective and approach to work and view on collaboration in the company of they face employment termination. Evaluation of such HR staff must be the first steps that a new HR Director must take. However, it is wrong for the HR department to celebrate or look forward to impending layoffs. It is critical to note that the tone of the HR emails is disrespectful and demeaning to the employees (Snell, Morris, & Bohlander, 2015). The emails display the attitude and bad atmosphere between the management and the employees. Therefore, the HR staff must work to guide the management in undertaking the right activities, which has not been accomplished at King Company. The above goal must be clearly communicated through the company policy, emails, conversations in meetings, and other forms of company communication to its
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The HR department at King Company needs to target on hiring skilled employees to bring more success in their operations. The company is facing numerous challenges due to lack of superior and modern management styles in its operations. Therefore, the company needs to aim to hire skilled human resource managers. King Company must incorporate positive environmental commitment in its operations to attract increased public support. The company must continue using environmentally appropriate operations such as using environmentally friendly products, which gives them the international certification.
King Company need to hire skilled and competent human resource manager. It is clear that the company had incompetent managers. To achieve a turnaround in its operations, the company must hire skilled and knowledgeable human resource managers (Richard, & Johnson, 2001). One of the techniques for achieving this goal is through the use of the selection process in hiring the next HR manager. Skilled HR managers will execute their duties excellently at King Company, which will ease execution of HR activities and employee

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