Tanglewood Staffing Case Study

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Staffing System and Retention Management
A staffing plan does not just end when an employee is hired. It constantly is changing and evolving to fit in with the company’s strategy. This includes adapting a staffing system that works with the organization’s needs and creating a retention plan to keep top talent.
Staffing System
Currently, Tanglewood’s HR division is comprised of four different areas to handle all aspects of HR. By centralizing and keeping all staffing information within the company, corporate HR will need to become policy enforcers, no longer advisors, to ensure that all policy and procedures are run uniformly across the company. Taking the analyzed recommendations, HR can create policies and procedures to boost effectiveness
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Tanglewood is constantly expanding and would not think to worry about downsizing but creating a centralized plan will be beneficial in the future. Creating a discharge plan, that is universal in all stores, and having it reviewed by the legal department can have many benefits. Centralizing the discharge process protects the company from lawsuits by disgruntled employees and helps with unemployment claims for employees that termed for cause. The hardest turnover to prepare for is voluntary. If an employee wants to leave Tanglewood it can be because there are better prospective jobs out there, Keeping top talent is a must for an organization like Tanglewood, that has a specific culture and strategy. Centralizing can help create a retention plan for all employees across the company and save money since the company will not have to worry about budgets for several different retention plans. Retention bundles can include: flexible schedules for work/life balance, promotions to qualified employees, and competitive merit increases. It is advised that Tanglewood's HR corporate office run an analysis of what the employees need, using a job rewards matrix is a good start, and creating a retention plan to be used across the company.
In conclusion, centralizing Tanglewood will have many positive impacts to the organization’s processes. They will be able to focus on their policies, making sure they are legal compliant, when there is only one policy rather than several different ones. Centralizing will also help conform all acquired stores to the organization's policies and sustain the culture that Emerson and Wood first set in place years ago. Creating a retention plan, is a vital component to keep the top talent Tanglewood recruits and

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