Managerial Qualities Of Effective Leadership

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Leadership issues

Human resource is all about interacting with employees and managing them effectively to gain maximum production from them so Human resource executives have to possess a leadership quality which they will need when company implement some new policy or some department has to be merged or in any situation where company is expanding or getting merged these are few situation when employees get panic and can not handle the changes so human resource executive will have to be effective leader and manage the changes and educate employees in effective manner.
The top issues or challenges that leaders face very frequently are as below:

1. Effectively developing managerial qualities
Human resource executive had to possess relevant
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Developing employees
HR executive as a leader have to face challenge of developing other employees by coaching and mentoring them. When employee comes on board the first contact person is HR executive so they should be able to develop people as per the organisation culture and values
4. Team Management
Leaders always have challenges in planning organising managing directing and controlling a group of people who form teams so Hr executive have to possess a team management skill which is a challenge to lead a team and involve them in different activities, getting work done from team is a big task in itself.
5. Guidance for Change when a company undergoes changes HR executives being leaders are responsible to guide people on the changes and help them in smooth transition by answering there queries and implementing change effectively. Leaders them self have to understand the change than they will be able to manage and mitigate change consequences to there team and help them in overcoming resistance. Hr executive on wide have to deal with employees reaction to change.
6. Politics and managing internal
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For precautions company has decided to follow a participative leadership will the CEO of the company will try and acquire full knowledge right from coffee making to getting supplies and managing people so being well know about the job procedures and difficulty it will be easy for her to manage people and maintain a work life balance for the which is most important satisfactory factor for the employees. To overcome the communication issues company will try and document each and every thing including the standard recipes of coffee and chef special secret recipes as well. Also records will be maintained for all bills received and paid and the website will be handling customer queries, complaints in timely manner. The baristas at amazing hot will be given special communication classes where they will be groomed on there verbal, written and interpersonal skills so company don’t face these issues. To a major extend by special induction training classes company will be able to resolve communication issues, moreover the manager will be available so any mis communication or doubts can be cleared the very same

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