Hp Value Chain Analysis Essay

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Course name: Strategic Management
Semester: SPRING 2013 Instructor: Dr. Richard T. Mpoyi
Office Number: BAS N146
Phone: 615-898-5767
Email: richard.mpoyi@mtsu.edu

Class Schedule
Section No. Days Time Building Room
BUAD 4980-03 MWF 11:30am – 12:25pm BAS S262

Office Hours*
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday – 12:00pm – 02:00pm 04:00pm – 05:00pm 12:00pm – 02:00pm –
* Other hours: By appointment

Course Expectations
X Multiple-Choice Exams X Essay Tests X Written Homework
X Written Papers/Cases X Internet Assignments X Library Assignments
X Oral Presentations X Class Discussion X Make-Up Policy

Students with Disabilities
Students with Disabilities: Students who have a disability that may
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- There will be three exams (two tests and a final). All exams will consist of multiple-choice questions
- I will post test questions on S-drive the weekend before each test is given
- The questions for the final will not be posted, as they will come from test questions
- If you miss an exam, see me as soon as possible to arrange a time for you to take it in my office
- Grades for the tests will be given the class session following each test
- I don’t give grades by email or over the phone (if you don’t know a grade, come to my office)
- If you want to discuss answers to test questions, come by the office (I do not discuss answers in class)

2. Attendance:
- MTSU policies and procedures about attendance include among others: + A student is expected to attend each class except in cases of unavoidable circumstances + Class attendance will be monitored during the term
- Attendance policies for this class: + Attendance will be taken at the end of class sessions + The students with perfect attendance will get all attendance points (50 points), plus 9 BONUS points + For the first three absences, you forgo 3 BONUS points each time you miss class + Beginning with the 4th absence, you lose 3 attendance points each class you miss class + Please be aware of the following about bonus points: * You are not entitled to bonus points, as they are not a right, but a privilege * Therefore, the instructor has the discretion to grant or

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